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Thread: CUE splitter

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    hey, i have a problem with CUE Splitter. When i try to split a album, it split the tracks but not the full lenght. etc. if there is a track thats 6 min long it cut it off to 4 min. :S

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    What? Do you know what cue splitter is for?

    Usually, cue files come with long mix songs, that are usualy 80minute or something. These songs are usually in ONE peice because they are gapless (mixed) songs put together. Then there's a .cue file (that can be loaded in winamp or foobar), that will use that long mp3 file, but give you the hole list of songs. The way it works is, theres timer + songname + artist name.

    What cue splitter does is, take information from the cue to split the big mp3 in peices. Now, i don't get what is not working for you? If the songs are not well splitted, then your cue file is fucked, you can open it with notepad or anything and try to edit it. Pretty easy to understand how it works.


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