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Thread: Not a torrent site - PMOG invites

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    I have 2 invites to which is a massively multiplayer online game played through firefox while you surf. You set portals, mines, crates and other stuff on websites so that when people stumble upon them, they find things. You can create missions and take player made missions, collect badges and do all kinds of crazy crap.

    It's a lot of fun but check out the website for further details. It's only in beta right now, so the two lucky recipients of my invites will also get the beta badge for your profile.

    I'm only going to invite people who are actually interested in this game and who will actually play it regularily.

    To recieve the invites, I want to hear your MMO background. What games you've played, which was your favorite (along with character class/level), and how long you played it. Also, I want you to tell me a story. Regail me your favorite moment while playing whatever your favorite MMO was. Preferably post here in the topic rather than flooding me with PM's.

    I will be picking the winners on wednesday, hump day, so good luck to all.

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    u aren't supposed to post that in here

    anyways, request staffer to move it to right section (probably gaming).
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