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Thread: Problems With Merged Mp3s And Nero

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    Hi All,

    Has anyone else had the following problem. I download a file of about 70MB which says in the description it is merged Mp3s. It plays in Winamp and is about 70 mins audio time. No problem. However, when I open up Nero (burning software bundled with Liteon Burner) and drag the file across to burn it, Nero sees it as only being 19 mins in length and when I burn it, thats all I get, 20 mins. Its as if Nero can only see one of the merged files. I tried this with another merged Mp3 file with same result.

    Anyone got a workaround for this ?


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    check your settings, for one large merged file make sure the setting is "disc at once" and not the "track at once" that MIGHT help

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    you could download a program called "albumwrap" which will split the merged mp3 into seperate mp3's

    this should make them easier to burn
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    Use Nero&#39;s "wave editor" to break up that 1 file into seperate tracks.

    Piece of cake.


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