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    Are these specs good for playing pretty recent (not upto the minuet) games???

    - AMD Duron 1300MHz Socket A Processor
    - 300 Watt Midi Tower ATX Case
    - 128MB DDR Memory
    - Akasa Icicle 785CU Heat Sink
    - K7VMM+ Motherboard
    - Stereo sound - upto 32MB Shared 3D Graphics
    - 56K Modem and 10/100Mbps Network Card
    - 52 x CDROM
    - 40GB Hard Drive (7200RPM)
    - Stereo Speakers
    - 1.44MB Floppy Drive
    - Scroll Mouse, Keyboard and Speakers

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    A proper graphics card (not an integrated one) would vastly improve gaming performance, as would a proper sound card.

    It should be able to run most recent things, but not at the highest detail settings.

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    Thanks, I've got a Prophet II MX PCI installed in a different machine, Its a pretty old card but if I installed that into the specs above would that be an improvement?

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    Originally posted by Eric
    128MB DDR Memory
    Depending on what OS you're going to be using, I'd at least double that.
    256MB would be good, 384 would be better, 512 is preferable.
    Especially if you're going to use the onboard video, as an AGP or PCI graphics adapter would have its own
    memory, when you have a chip it shares system RAM.

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    In graphics cards, AGP is faster than PCI btw.

    well.. atleast when u want to decide to get ether a PCI or AGP version of the "same" card.


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