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Thread: T3 Telecine Audio

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    *I've already posted this in another forum sorry* I was wondering if anybody has the new Telecine rip of T3, I have the Russian version and I just want to get the audio from the NTSC version, so's I can re-dub it.

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    T3.Rise.of.The.Machines.TC.SVCD-Replica is what you really want.

    This has the video from the russian screener, rating in at 9.3 last i checked at vcdquality, and it has the audio from the centropy 5.1 dolby dvdr they did. Its a wonderfull rip, a must see... heres the link to the SS..

    SS of the replica version.

    keep in mind, this does have the ctp audio, which is top notch... and getting a 9.3 audio wise. I have been getting this from suprnova all day now. would save you some effort i think =]


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