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Thread: Seedbox Client Questions

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    Alright people...I know there are a bunch of threads about seedboxes, but i do believe this is a little different than the others. I am going to get a Kimsufi from OVH, the 256mb ram one. I will probably install Fedora 6 mainly because many people use it on seedboxes and most say it is good. (unless you have something way better to use on 256mb RAM).

    I have a few options. I could:

    1) use WINE and install utorrent and WebUI on the server.
    2) Use rtorrent and set up wtorrent (its the WebUI version of rtorrent)
    3) uTorrent and just use VNC.

    I am going to be sharing this box with a few friends of mine. So it will be 3 people on it. We would like a way to split our torents into sections so we know who's are who's.

    Last, how many torrents could run on 256mb RAM?

    Thanks Everyone...

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    Use naq's guide you will setup in know time.

    If you have three people on there why not go bigger.

    After you are setup ask about the second IP address.

    Then you can be one one and your freinds can be on the second IP address.

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    Well, utorrent got the ability to categorize torrents, but WINE + utorrent + 3 people dosent go nicely with 256MB RAM

    You can always try to use Torrentflux? I never used it but I think it supports multiple users and a couple of features with that.

    Concerning the amount of torrents, it depends on size and speed your getting on them, but I generally wont go above 10 - 15 on 256MB RAM. If all of you are downloading 1080p trilogy packs, I'd watch the amount running But if your just downloading 700MB DVDRips, then it should hold plenty


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