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Thread: Hip Hop Ejay 4

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    I looked on 3 different forums (fast track central, ed2k-it and this one) and i didnt find anything related to hiphop ejay 4; the closest i got was a dude that said he shared the prog, i emailed him and now im waiting for an answer.

    So does someone here has it or has the hash to it or somethin? Or at least some more forums to where to look for...

    No matter what p2p to use, i&#39;d prefer klite (kazaa), specially cuz its the only one i use, but i dont mind temporarly installing another one... *-=>"NO WINMX"<=-*

    Or any other way, i just want it cuz i cant even find it on stores here

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    You need EMULE, EDONKEY or SHAREAZAA for this

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    ok, i installed that prog and it seems to be cool, im trying to dload the files you gave me, just a lil prob... i&#39;m always outta sources&#33;&#33;&#33; I put 4 files on the dloading list to see which one would be faster but they&#39;re all at the same pace... NONE at all&#33;&#33;&#33;

    So, is there any place where i can search for kazaa hashes or somethin?

    Sorry to be kinda ignorant and all, but its really the first time i cant find somethin on kazaa... and it sucks since the problem is most of the people arent sharing what they have...

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    Yuo must be patient with EMULE OR SHAREAZAA.

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    if you say so, i just dont wanna wait 43 days to get it...

    for you ppl who might want it too, as soon as i get it ill share it on kazaa as well

    by the way, this is very off topic, shouldnt my post counter go up evrytime i post? dont answer if its in the help or somethin, havent checked it yet about this, will do right now

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    i have hip hop ejay 2

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    and again, WTF, leave dead posts alone


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