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Thread: Chart Mapper Addon

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    Hi, my first Kazaa addon is complete.
    Named Chart Mapper, this application retrieves details from the BBCi website and can be confingured to automatically download the songs in the Top 40 Chart.

    Download it here URL=

    Please reply and post any bugs/improvements/thoughts/comments.

    It can only be improved with critisism.
    Please enjoy

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    It doesnt work for me
    It says
    You want to download, i click ok
    Rythm Bandits By Junior Senior, i click ok
    Thats all...., I click ok
    Nothing Happens, I have kazaa lite open
    Whats rong?

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    My suggestions:
    1. There are run-time errors, mainly when you click on the chart area where you can't really do anything on it yet, you get:

    Run-time error '91':

    Object variable or With block variable not set

    2. Another run-time error occurs when you click 'Use old details' (I don't think there were any old details to start with):

    Run-time error '9':

    Subscript out of range

    3. An option to create a new folder while selecting the MP3 directory would be nice (try and use 'MP3' with that case because it is based on 'MPEG&#39.

    4. Typo in the About box: 'donwload' to 'download' (Be sure to check for other spelling/grammatical errors too!!! ).

    5. You should make all the windows Modal, mainly Display Options, MP3 Directory and About, so that you can't click on the main program window to make it active once you're in one of those windows.

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    For me it doesn't work too
    The same problem:
    I click O.K. and.... nothing

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    Confirmed again that is does not work! LOL :-)

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    Hi, a very nice work.

    WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON ANOTHER ADD-ON WHICH SHOULD ELIMINATE FAKE LINKS WHICH COME UP USUALLY FOR MOVIES. We are now finished with the add-on written in C++, but we have no idae of KAZAA API??? We need to make add-on communicate with the KAZAA search list and add another item on the right-click pop-up menu of the search results saying 'Report a Fake Link'.

    Could you help us with API or send some source code from your add-on with API so that we could do it?

    Best regards,
    Vasyl and Nazar

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    Rocko could help some, try gettin in touch with him.

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    Dec 2002
    The link doesn't work for me.

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    I think Rocko is still busy with school (link).
    Contact him with this e-mail address:

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    It seems to me that all this program does when you click OK on the song you want, it puts the name of the song into the K-Lite search box and you have to press Search and download it yourself.

    Kazchart doesn't download songs automatically for us. No offence to Chris, but in its current state, it seems a little pointless, since I could easily type the name of the song in the K-Lite search box myself.

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