Hello everyone,

Galaxy here, I am a moderator at a new torrent community called http://data-force.net. We launched one week ago, and currently have over 600 users who are hungry for more torrents.

We are looking for new uploaders to join us in the journey of data-force and help the community out. If you are interested, and have some or all of the following qualifications, come on over to http://data-force.net
and send off a PM to Galaxy about uploading.

You would be a perfect candidate for uploading at our site if:

- You have 3+ mbps upstream to dedicate to data-force
- Sources with the latest scene releases (can be other torrent sites, or scene access)
- Good skill and knowledge on how to upload torrents
- INTEREST in uploading, we want this to be a fun experience for you.
- The ability to seed your torrents until there are at least 5 other seeders on the torrent.

If you would like to give uploading a shot, Come to http://data-force.net
P.S NO the URL doesnt have a www in it.