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Thread: too bad zamunda has no scene tags

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    i think zamunda is a great site but the fact that none of the releases are tagged really annoys me. you dont know if you are dl'ing a cam ts dvdrip or what

    fucking pisses me off!!!!!!!!!

    not really but yeah

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    Yep But whenever u open a torrent u can read the description like Xyz-diamond.torrent

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    ya its bad but zamundah is the best anyway

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    Zamunda is a fantastic site
    U can find there very old torrents,great packs u that u won t find it on the entire tracker comunity ..
    really love this site

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    when you click on a link, the torrent file name is the same as scene releases so you know then what it is that you are downloading. It is a bit annoying, but i think Zamunda is very underrated in that it has a lot of selection all across the board.

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    Great site,what are the ratings actually rating.What does a 5 mean.

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    i am happy b'cuz they keep the files unrared .


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