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Thread: plz help me about (MS access with

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    hi all
    how to create a database (by system files System.IO and System.Data.OLEDB) in order to add tables in this database.

    the following procedure does not function because create a file with format unknown

    private sub createDB()
    end sub

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    Dude, what?

    Are you writing an install script?

    If you aren't, you don't need to recreate it every time you run the program.

    If you are, you probably need to specify a scheme, or structure, or a filetype, just doing it like you do there will just create a useless blob of binary or something, afaik.

    In fact, I'd not bother creating it through VB at all if you're just writing something akin to a graphical interface with a dbase backend.

    I'd just make the database through access, and connect to it.

    Here's a code-sample, though. (The second post.)

    It's from 2005 so it might be easier to do with current .Net, or maybe it needs doing slightly different. But it's a a start.


    You'll need ADOX for either example.
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    thinks so mutch Snee


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