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Thread: Warhammer Vs AoC Vs WoW?

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    so, all i do is play WoW (world of warcraft) and i'm tired of it, but i can't quit... if u play the game u'd understand. lol, hell i can even say i hate WoW (mostly cuz i'm a ret paladin and U ppl made me hate it), but @ the same time the game can be fun.

    warhammer online and age of conan are supposed to be the next and upcoming WoW killers. i can only hope. i don't have any good info on these games as to what kind of PvP they are going to offer. i'm hoping it's REALLY DAMN GOOD!

    Warhammer SS's

    Warhammer Trailer

    Warhamer Gameplay Trailer

    AoC SS's

    AoC Trailer

    anyone else looking forward to these? anyone else looking forward to leaving WoW? as far as anyone goes.. anyone have any more info on these games?
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    I'm looking forward to both of them.

    I played WoW for 6 months and was bored after level 60. Tried the expansion but I felt it was the same thing all over again.

    I also bought Lord of the Rings Online but I got bored after a few days.

    My hope is that one of these two games will keep me busy for a while (after GTA IV that is)

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    WoW is the best


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