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Thread: Wb invite.

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    i want to give an invite to wb. it's a damn good tracker even though it's level two. i want to give it to the person with the lowest posts, rep, and with the best reason why i should give it to you. good luck. please no site collectors.

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    man i am looking for good tracker that have good and great contents its ot about level shit or sth its just conteen as for me TL is better than a varouise tracker in high level

    so if it had this advantages "good content /speed/pretime"
    it will rock man and u have my word i dont cheat i dont trade


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    m new at this hole torrent stuff i ;] i hear bout this tracker want to be part of its community hope i could get this invite ;P

    anyway nice giveaway mate best luck

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    nice giveaway man, good luck to the n00bz i guess.


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