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Thread: Europe rejects plan to criminalize file-sharing

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    "The European Parliament rejected attempts to criminalize the sharing of files by private individuals, and threw out the idea of banning copyright abusers from the Internet, in a plenary vote Thursday."

    "The vote was close, with 314 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voting in favor of an amendment to scrap what many consider draconian and disproportionate measures to protect copyright over the internet, and 297 voting against the amendment. "The vote shows that MEPs want to strike a balance between the interests of rights holders and those of consumers, and that big measures like cutting off Internet access shouldn't be used," said Malene Folke Chaucheprat, a European Parliament spokeswoman, shortly after the vote."

    Read more here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFoX View Post
    In the old days, if you misbehaved on a tracker, you got disabled, or worse, IP banned.

    Nowadays, there are more trackers than there are members, so if your tracker misbehaves, they get bookmark removed, or worse, URL deleted.

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    why am i still in America?

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    Ok its official Im getting a job in Europe some where and I'm going to live there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdsnut View Post
    Ok its official Im getting a job in Europe some where and I'm going to live there.
    You are welcome to Norway.

    Remember to bring some cigarettes cause they are expensive here.

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    Hahah, like in UK and Switzerland.

    They are getting more and more expensive all over Europe. But I think that's good, coz cigarettes in the European market suck bigtime.

    Can't imagine what it must be like living in the USA with all those agencies spying on your p2p movements..


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