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Thread: Is this host good for a seedbox?

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    Hey guys, im host a torrent site, . I am looking for uploaders/seeders and im planning on getting a seedbox. Does this host for a seedbox looks good? or is anyone already using this host for a seedbox? mind telling me hows the speed and what do u think of the host?

    I am planning on getting the Raptor2 plan, would it be good for a seedbox?


    hey, i need some help here, im planning on getting the VPS Raptor 2 but it has only 256mb RAM and i dont see any upgrade options, would that be enought for running torrentflux? but i would rather use windows with utorrent webui but i saw a few other threads talking about hosting-ie that windows requires 1gb ram?
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    It sure is. Use the search button and you can find a few threads on how nice hosting-ie is.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    yea..i used the search button and saw many threads about people saying how good/bad te host it but the problem now is it has only 256mb ram and many post says to run windows 2003 with utorrent webui would require 512mb or 1gb ram? and i cant find any upgrade option for the server unless i get the raptor 3 but i dont have the money currently.

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    well i have a OVH with 256mb ram, that is fine for utorrent webui, i had around 15 torrents max active, so if you have more then i dont know
    ooooooooh! i get it, this is the part where i brag about what trackers i am on!

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    oh i see so that would be a good deal for raptor 2 i guess?

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    That HD is too small...even my Raptor 5 is too small.

    Get a dedi or at least upgrade the HD. The hosting company is fine though.

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    i dont see any options allowing me to upgrade only HDD for raptor 2 i cant get a dedi because im corrently

    looking for people to help my site =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunson View Post
    That HD is too small...even my Raptor 5 is too small.

    Get a dedi or at least upgrade the HD. The hosting company is fine though.
    I already tried that host, it is good..
    If u r going to use it for uploading to ur tracker, u should have more HD..

    i advice u to get a windows seedbox cuz it's way easier to use..

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    If you want, you can always get a Linux seedbox and install rTorrent on it
    Theres tons of guides to do that around, and it's easy. Plus it runs fine with 256MB RAM.

    Unless you have no clue about Linux and are not willing to learn, then get Windows
    Will save you the headache.

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    oh i know how to use linux because my other laptop is linux but windows in still easier. btw if i get raptor 2 with 256mb would it still be able to run windows with utorrent webui or its impossible and can i upgrade from raptor 2 to raptor + at anytime?

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