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Thread: Microsoft Adds P2p Tools For Windows

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    Microsoft is beefing up the peer-to-peer capabilities for its Windows XP operating system. The software giant recently released a development kit for building peer-to-peer applications and an update to Windows XP that adds support for the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) networking protocol.
    As previously reported, both of these Windows XP tools are aimed at simplifying the creation of peer-to-peer applications. The tools are available for download from Microsoft's Web site.

    In a peer network, individual machines communicate with one other directly, rather than uploading and downloading information to a central server. The most visible use of peer-to-peer applications is music file-swapping over the Internet, but some software companies assert that peer networking has a role in business applications as well.

    Groove Networks has built a collaboration application around the idea of sharing documents between networked PCs and communication tools, such as instant messaging. Microsoft is a partial owner of Groove.

    Sun Microsystems, too, has invested in peer technologies with its Jxta initiative, a set of programming capabilities that allow developers to build peer-to-peer systems. A number of independent software providers are using the networking plumbing in Jxta to build applications for collaboration applications or to connect devices, such as sensors, to computing systems.

    With its new Windows XP development kit, Microsoft also hopes to encourage developers to build peer applications and help drive sales of Windows XP. Microsoft, which makes the bulk of its revenue through desktop software, has tried to encourage developers to build applications that tap into powerful PCs.

    The Windows XP development kit introduces a few mechanisms to accommodate peer networks. For example, the update helps track the identity of people on networks, which typically rely on a server-based directory. The kit also has a "graphing and grouping" feature, which helps distribute data to many machines across a network.

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    Just don't know what to say........exept: WTF ?!?

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    it's a good strategy. millions download multimedia using a p2p, what better way for microsoft to get new customers then to build in it's own p2p

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    Like I'd use P2P from MS? Got one already Bill. Thanks anyway.

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    That's great news. Hope this will facilitate direct one-on-one file transfers.

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    sounds like a trap

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    i dont know of many traps that are sponsored by a huge corporation. especially when the software is expensive and the title is well known...hmmm, then again AOL sucks ass so who knows

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    Probably has DRM (Digital Rights Management) all over it! Again, M$ is trying to get a piece of the pie! Damn bastards are really trying to get their dirty hands into every industry they can!

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    Well they drastically underestimated the concept of web browing when released Windows 95 and then proceed to F*ck Netscape up when they saw the massive potential of making their own web browser - makes sense that this will happen with p2p also.....

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