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Thread: Virtual Pc Buggy?

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    Jan 2003
    I've tried to install redhat on my virtual pc 3 times. Wont work.
    Buggy or i'm insane?

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    Your insane. I've installed lets see...Slackware, FreeBSD, Gentoo, SuSE, JAMD, Longhorn, and most Windows versions in it O.o

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    I had problems with VPC, and found its resource consumption too high...
    Try VMware, I use it a lot, and its much better IMO.

    Right now, I have 8 OSes installed in VMware, and I'm currently running NT4, Gentoo Linux and a custom built Linux inside VMware on a Windows XP host box.
    It just works great.



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    Did'ny know about it.
    Going for a try

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    VMware is a lot faster and devices that didn't work on VPC now work fine. Only problem I've had is with getting it to accept some images.

    There is also a major bug in the networking security with VPC. It will bypass your firewall with it's emulated ethernet adaptor. I've had people try to hack a VPC system while emule was running in the host. which brings up the emule security problem. But that's another story....

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    After reading this thread, I decided to give VPC another try, just to see if it has improved much since I last tried it, which was back in april.

    I was sorely disappointed by the experience. I strongly urge everyone using VPC to just give Vmware a try. The improvement is formidable, from the performance, to the compatibility and then some.

    While I can't say for certain that this applies to people with single CPU machines, since I have two CPUs in the computer on which I did the tests, but the performance of VMware was typically 200-300% above that of VPC in all cases but one (specifically, sound emulation on the virtual machine). This is a very minor point, and IMO everyone with enough RAM to satisfy both OSes (or more, if you so choose) then you will see a big improvement in performance.

    The tests were conducted on Windows XP as a host OS, with the following guest OSes:
    • Linux 2.2.16
    • Linux 2.4.20
    • Windows 98
    • Windows NT 4 Workstation
    • Windows 2000


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    I tried vmware before. IMO it used up a lot more resources then Virtual PC did and some OS's installed in it didn't work right.

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    Which OSes didn't work for you, and which version of VMware were you using?
    Also, what OS was the host?


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    Host Windows XP Professional with 512 mb of ram. Hell if i remember which ones didn't work I don't really remember stuff like that... Anyways on that machine VMWare was sloooww but they ran a lot faster in Virtual PC.


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