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Thread: Heads UP on KLONE Postings

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    Kind of a 'general notice' on these 'KLONE' DVD9 rips/posts; I've d/l'ed several in the last couple of weeks that were a bit 'light', as in several pieces of the rips were 'missing in action', so to speak.

    To wit, it appears that in some cases, the 'extras' were split out from the posting (why is a complete unknown), but it made the post 'light' as compared to the actual original disc. I wouldn't have noticed except in a couple of cases I thought something was 'amiss' and I checked a couple others with discs I own.

    I don't know if these are all from one guy, but the posting speed is VERY high (fios?), and maybe he/she/it (?) hasn't taken a 'whole lotta care' in what they are doing. They are NOT ISO's, but Video_TS rips, so it might have been 'easy' to 'skip' a whole lotta parts (which would be hard but not impossible with an ISO).

    Anyway, I guess 'you have been warned'; I'll definately keep away from the postings unless/until I know for sure the post is 'complete' (like, the listing is posted here with a thumbs up). Those who have followed my listings in this forum/board know that I always try and say 'up front' that the posting has been 'fully verified and tested'.


    I looked back on some of the messages posted in the newsgroups concerning 'KLONE', and noted that several folks had 'major' problems using the posted pars in fixing the d/l'ed parts. Several noted that the pars appeared to have been posted several days AFTER the actual original posting, and sometimes from a different server (some 'interloper' having thought they had d/l'ed a 'good' set and then posted a par set off those 'good' set?). The speed and again, the posted server was different from the original posting. Hmmm.

    Something a bit strange in the goings-on. Anyway, it adds to a bit of the mystery surrounding these posts.
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