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Thread: Looking For........

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    [SIZE=7] Ive been lookin for a long time....

    tryin to find either the episode of Saturday Night Live, or just the skit (spoof)
    of "Veggie Tales"
    I cant remember the episode or what the title of the skit was ....but veggie tales should help....
    please let me know.....

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    try verifieds. if all else fails, try a different p2p or download client

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    ive tried the "verifieds" tried other p2p searches
    ....nobody has that episode or skit...but ty...
    if anyone else might have it...its called "Religtables"
    season 28 episode 1306....guests--Brittanny Murphy, Nelly..

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    isn't that from this past season that just ended? wait for a possible rurun.

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    try dc++


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