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Thread: Keyboard Help

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    wondering if you can help me

    ive just reinstalled windows XP and i want to sign into my msn messenger but when i go to press the AT part of the email addy it just comes up wid the 2 lil dots-im pressing the buttom i used to press-is there something i need to do to get the AT key work? sorry for this complete and utter newbie question but it would be cool if anyone can guide me

    PS-ive installed all the drivers for my kboard so i dont think this is problem


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    I don't understand the Q'

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    its your language settings for ya keyboard wrong, its prob set to a US keyboard if you in the UK or visa versa, in xp if you not got language bar button on taskbar then heres how to get it. right click on taskbar, click toolbars, select language bar, now right click the en (lang bar) on taskbar and click settings and select the country you are in under default languages to yours. this will change the keys around to what you want.


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