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Thread: Just A Thought

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    i had an idea and just wanted everyone's opinion. this mean's to not just single it out and say it sucks because you think it'd be the funniest thing ever...ok, so wether an idea like this or not was introduced to the board i am going to cough up my idea...what if a program was written into KaZaA that when someone wanted to download a file from you their IP would be revealed and it would be scanned to see if it is a banned IP that would otherwise be seen on the database of bad ip ranges for peer guardian. if the IP is clean then the download continues, if not the download does not go through and the IP is banned from downloading. I believe a program like that is very possible to write. the best part is you wouldn't have to be at your computer to validate the IP or anything, the program would do it itself. because groups like the riaa can view your shared files but they cannot bust you without hard proof. just because you have an infringing file, doesn't mean it is what the file's name says it is it might sound like the program that is already built into KaZaA now but I consider it to be considerably different in that everyone is free to share without as much concern as many of us face now. so that was my idea, let me know what you think because if you give it considerable criticism and/or a good voting i could possibly try to work on something with a few friends. thanks for reading this


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    Kazaa Lite 2.4.1 already does this.

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    no it's different though. bad ip's will be banned from sharing. because most bad files have ip tracers and we don't need those. plus the less bad file the better. i know the newer kazaa has this but this program would update itself continually and frequently and just over all alot better and comforting

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    I think it is a brilliant idea it sounds great to me. but then what do i know?

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    yeah I thought the new kaza already did this too

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    sounds alright


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