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Thread: Are there any dedicated usenet sites for HD movies and TV?

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    I know there are some general nzb sites, but most of them only build and collect nzb files of stuff other people uploaded. I don't think this is very useful, because I can find everything they offer using a simple raw search in newzbin.

    What I am looking for is something dedicated like BMTV or HDbits, where rules are set for the minimum quality of the releases and where users actually upload their own releases and build "internal" release groups.

    My current solution for the problem is to use bittorrent sites to find and compare good releases by looking at the provided screenshots and reading comments and forum posts and then search for them on the usenet to save my buffer and get better download speed. This works quite well, but I don't understand why no real usenet communities for this kind of popular content are available. I would be in real trouble, if I had to rely on usenet content and nzb/index sites alone.

    Am I missing something or is usenet really to anarchic to build a good community and have some useful rules?

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    Until the number of Usenet users even comes close to the number ot Bittorrent downloaders, you are likely going to continue seeing a lot more torrent communities than nzb communities that discuss HD video releases.

    Besides "raw search", Newzbin has several categories where HD content is listed.

    Like this:

    I'm sure that as Bluray becomes more mainstream, we're going to see more and more release groups that specialize in high-definition movies. I expect that will soon start filling up its new HD section.

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    This thread was from almost a year and a half ago...


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