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Thread: Networking Troubles

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    I'm having the most weirdest issue with my network. Till yesterday everything was working fine , i could connect to my network using both computers (one computer is connected to the wireless router, the other one has a belkin wireless card which connects to the network. From this morning i couldn't connect to my network , but the computer with the router connected directly can connect to the internet so i know its not an internet or router problem. But my wireless card wont pickup the network , its picking up my neighbors insecure network but not my network. help?

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    maybe just the wireless isn't working on your router. have you tried rebooting it yet? otherwise what kind of router do you use and can you get into its configuration?

    seems the wireless card is working if it's picking up other networks.

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    Hmm, something sorta similar happened with my link sys a week ago. For some reason, the wireless settings were changed and my roommate couldn't get on. It was a matter of going back and changing the settings for him to connect again. This might have happened with your router and in addition might not be broadcasting its SSID. Mess around with the settings and see what you find.

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    sounds like secure wireless problem. Try changing wireless type to insecure, and if it works after that, setup a secure wireless network starting from beginning, carefully going to all the steps.

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