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Thread: How Can I Burn A Iso File Into A Bootable Disk

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    its windows xp

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    if you mean to boot the pc and not just so it autoruns its most likely the 2 hidden files that are on an original microsoft disc wernt included on download, they basically a boot disc image so the cd can be seen at boot. if you not got them it will still work in windows, it just wont boot the pc.
    and "microsoft corporation. img" try and search for them and stick them on a floppy and burn to cd using nero and make it bootable and point it to floppy where files are saved. if its just regarding how to use an iso file then open it with winiso or isobuster, extract the files and then burn the image using nereo or whatever your software is

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    sorry- i meant so it autoruns

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    if its an iso file it already is a cd image, just burn the image to disc using roxio or nero. if it a bin file open it with winiso or isobuster extract the files to a folder and then burn them, all programs mentioned are all readily available at your local kazaa superstore.

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    I just burned a .bin using CDWIN5 and my computer recognizes it as a boot disk. Make sure the order of boot puts your cd before floppy etc. The install doesnt really work for me, but it did pick it up and classify it as a boot cd.
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