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Thread: Questions about Kimsufi seedbox..

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    I'm thinking about getting me a cheap seedbox, and Ovh Kimsufi is the only decent box in my pricerange

    I have some questions though, and I cant find the answers on their webiste and they dont respond to the mail either..
    also I'm to lazy to search and read all other topics about this..

    so here it goes.

    First of all, I've heard that you can only get Ovh servers if you live in a specific country, England, France, Spain, Germany, and Poland, Is this true?
    Or is it possible to get it from another Eu country, in my case Sweden?.

    Then, about the payments, it costs 15 +VAT, what the hell is VAT and how much is it?
    it has something to do with taxes, that much i know..

    And the last question, Which OS is recomended for someone who never used Linux before, I'm thinking about Ubuntu desktop, Is there maybe a guide somewhere how to set it up with Ubuntu desktop?
    Or is an other OS more recomended?

    Answer as much as you possibly can please

    Big thanks in advance!


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    1) yes,it's true,only in certain countries.
    you can't buy it directly from ovh in sweden,you can from a to find a reseller,dunno. resellr is a person who buys it directly from ovh and then sells you acces to it.

    2) vat is value added tax,it's 17.5% . 15+17.5%=17.6 . Most countries have vat,dunno how's it called in sweden,but it's 25% there.

    3)i knew nothing about linux before,but i managed to install utorrent on fedora first and now on debian. i would recommend those two,or maybe cent0S. it's easy,use superb naq's guide in tutorial section.
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    hi, i think that u cannot get it because u living in swe.. for example polish user can order it only in etc but if u get it chose ubuntu 7.4 desktop :]

    ubuntu 7.4 desktop is n1 ;p simple configuration with something like vnc viewer

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    Just find someone you trust who lives in the allowed countries, he can buy it and you pay them through paypal

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    you can change your OS anytime you want if you are with OVH =]
    ooooooooh! i get it, this is the part where i brag about what trackers i am on!

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    does OVH allow the united states?

    if so, what's the addy for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by upGrayde View Post
    does OVH allow the united states?

    if so, what's the addy for it?

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    OVH would be richer if they came to america.
    i like skittles.

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    when you will find seedbox which will fit you then I suggest you to read naq THREAD about how to set up a seedbox with linux (centos, debian, fedoro and etc.). Very awesome guide it helped me even I don't know anything about linux (I chose CentOS and installation went without any problems step by step throught naq thread).
    Thanks to naq.


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