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Thread: Nero6- Device Is In Use By Another Application

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    installed nero 6. when i try to burn I get: the device is in use by another application. can re-install 5.xx -works fine. put in another hard drive, installed XP,
    nero 6 works fine. Something on hard drive is causing nero not to work.
    tried nero clean, manually edited nero and Ahead from registry, and of course
    deleted old vers. of Nero. This is all I can think of. How about some ideas?
    Can't let this error kick my but.

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    yo, same problem, i did a search but your post didn't come post is Latest problems with nero 6.

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    nero 6 is new innit i would stick to previous versions til they get the bugs out with a few patches....i take it you have checked at there site for updates?


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