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Thread: M-Vids Invite/acc ?

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    m-vidz is a special tracker hat track all music videos
    i need it coz i love the music videos, always watch viva chanel for the latest and i have a psp love to put on it all my top videos and youtube sucks, so please can i have it ?
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    Music-V is a very special tracker and giving an invite to trader is like slitting your throat! So sorry mate.
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    Trade ? me ? what are you talking about ? it's for my own use i swear.

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    It's ok to ask for invite but not for acc. It'll get disabled on the second day

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    make that the 1st day

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    Ok, i didn't knew that, i just want an invite to get in and enjoy the tracker please

    Help me please, i need it really.
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    Please help me guys, i need it.

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    No one willing to help , i need it please.

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    M-Vidz invites don't exist anymore.
    The last weekend they gave 2 invites to every PU+ but they were removed on Monday.Those were lucky who got in on the weekend.I don't know when they will give invites again.
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    VIP members + staff still have invites but there are not many vips there :-/


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