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Thread: I Wonder If The Riaa Will Supeana Aol?

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    i wonder if it will happen. Since AOL is owned by Time Warner Cable, and Time Warner Cable is a member of the RIAA, do you think the RIAA will sue one of its own members?

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    sure they will

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    No it wont

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    i just got off aol. they sed the servers have come to a stop. they sed that they're getting TOSed left to right now. i dono the whole story, and i dono if its the RIAA. but they're getting on AOL's nuts now

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    why would they

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    isn't aol owned by donald trump?

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    You only need a supeana if you're trying to make someone do something they don't want to do. All the RIAA needs to do is have AOL-Time Warner tell their AOL division to cooperate with the RIAA, and presto, the RIAA has pretty much everything on you.

    So stop using AOL!

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    No - no one is sure about AOL just yet. A lot of speculation has been going on about why this may be.

    The guy who heads AOL is running to be da Pres. of RIAA. May relate - may not.

    Yes - AOL is a division of Time Warner. This does not mean the two have the same standards and practices. AOL is currently is deep shiat for playing fast and loose with accounting pratices - they have much less $ than previously stated.

    It has been speculated that if Time Warner decides to screw AOL, that they will both die - much like ritualistic suicide.

    So far, AOL has said nada on this whole subject, which is bad, because they are still the largest ISP in the world.

    Advice - pay very close attention to what AOL does decide to do - everyone else is. By saying nothing they keep to the middle - a nice comfy spot to be - until they can see where the court cases go.

    If AOL decides to play Nark - switch to WiFi or jump to Verizon. Verizon is at the very least trying to stand up to all this and refute the subpoena's it has recieved.

    But see - AOL KNOWS you will jump to Verizon if they say anything - so no doubt - they will not be saying anything anytime soon. They need that revenue.

    And if AOL's server are going apeshiat - its just because they suck like usual.

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    No they wont.

    Who cares anyway,more chance of being hit by lightening on a summers day then being done for sharing files.

    Keep on sharing and fuck the RIAA.

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