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Thread: Cheap usenet access?

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    I'm looking for good unlimited/100GB per month usenet accounts around 7EUR/10$ per month , so far I found the following: - I'm using their free trial right now and I'm impressed, although I don't think I have tested all situations but so far I haven't experienced any problems. Did anyone try this service? What do you think?

    Also, are there any other recommendations?
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    Hitnews is known as one of the lowest-cost providers for unlimited usenet.

    As with many Amsterdam servers, some users have reported that Hitnews speeds from N. America can be much slower than providers using US-based servers. Other than that, I've never seen any negative comments about hitnews.

    If you're looking for the cheapest unlimited around, and if Hitnews is able to max-out your connection, then there's probably no reason not to keep it.

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    I am using hitnews for the past 6 months. The only problem is that their redention is not even close to 100 days. As a matter of fact is 50+ days.

    Thats all. I guess it is too good...

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    You're right, their retention is no where near 100 days, I think it's more around 70 days. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for.
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    Their retention is, as far as I've been told from a few friends who use their service, almost exactly 60 days. Speeds are very well throughout (most of?) Europe - these friends in question are from Germany, Poland and Austria and they have always reached 10MBit/s and well above.


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