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Thread: Need Elektronik

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    I'm not a collector/trader i'm a TechnoLover and i would like to join

    I dont have a big up speed but i can seed 24/7

    Please PM if you can help me!

    Some proof:





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    alin18's Avatar Ipwn Music Staff BT Rep: +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65
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    Sep 2007
    U have only 4 post here and joined 1 year in this forum and u make a lvl 5 request this is funny if u want techno is more trackers how be stmusic is very good tracker music with techno if u want invite pm me but no have a chance to receive a elektronik invite because is very hard to get a invite there if u have 500 torrents to seed in 2 weeks u can receive invite so try to be more active there and help people ,make some friends before u can request what u want

    soory for my bad english

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    eden297's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +40BT Rep +40BT Rep +40BT Rep +40BT Rep +40BT Rep +40BT Rep +40BT Rep +40
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    use rapidshre..

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    ceasar's Avatar Slava R0b0taM! BT Rep: +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25
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    soulseek is better
    TCS Byatch in training


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