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Thread: Cpu Temp

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    It's been kind of hot lately here and according to Asus probe my CPU is running at aroung 60C. It was running at about 52-55C before. I know that many people say not to trust the probe and so I also checked the BIOS and it agreed with the probe. Basically is this temperature too high as some places I've read that even say 50C is too high. If this is so then what steps can I take to reduce the temperature? Is there any software that can help me? My system is not even 6 months old with an AMD 2000XP and ASUS A7N266VM. Just concerned about leaving it downloading all the time. BTW what do you guys who live in hot countries do?

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    get a bigger fan, all athlons run far to hot anyway coz they are overclocked to compete with the p4. 60 is way to high, you gonna burn it out before to long, also the fins on the cooler are clean and free of dust arnt they?

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    50 is pretty acceptable, but 60 is gettin too hot.
    What type of cooling do you have set up. ThermalTake Heatsinks are among the best, especially if you're just using
    a basic bundled heatsink. Also, it's best if your case has a fan of some sort taking in air on the front of the chassis...
    either a drive bay fan or one near the bottom, where the system speaker would go.
    A better power supply fan (Antec) or an additional fan on the back will help also.
    If you're PC is kept in front of a window, move it..and try to keep it away from the wall if possible, to allow
    for better airflow all around the case.

    If you've got a really badass graphics card, it can produce alot of extra heat in the case, too. A few companies make
    heatsink/fans for those also.


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    An Alcohol bath will help the heatsink. It gets a grease coating from the atmosphere after some time and just blowing or wiping it off won't get it clean.

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    what fan do you have on that chip? the stock amd fans from retail chips are pretty shitty. I run my 200xp with a volcano 7 by thermaltake... and now the version 9 is out, which is even better. A coating of artic silver 3, and it runs even cooler. My chip runs at about 48c, and my case at about 32-35... this is with 2 in 3.5 fans, and 2 out also.

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    Cheers for the input guys. I opened it up and gave it a good clean and installed CPUidle. Now running at 45C which is a lot more satisfactory.

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    Originally posted by max0d@7 August 2003 - 08:43
    Cheers for the input guys. I opened it up and gave it a good clean and installed CPUidle. Now running at 45C which is a lot more satisfactory.
    Yeah, I need to get my temps down as well, although its overclocked to hell, im not letting it down any, so looks like a nice high end heat sink and fan next week for me.

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    my cpu fan bust on me and i cant be arsed buying a new 1 since im building a new pc nxt month anyway, at the moment im cooling my cpu with a fan i took from my old cyrix 486

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    I have a new amd 2000+ it runs at 52C base idle speeds (bios etc) and 62c when full out on a hot day (37.9c 100f) . I asked my local pc shop and he said "yea amd's run hotter, even 70c is an ok temp for these chips, they can take it"

    and im inclined to believe him, my old tbird ran at 40c and this chip is supposedly twice as fast so i guess its ok.

    60c is an ok temp.

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    My cpu's temperature? 32'C

    Good ol pentium 2.
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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