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Thread: Se7en

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    Is it only me, or do other people think Se7en is one of the greatest movies ever?

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    I agree. one of the 100 best at the least

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    Great movie with great actors


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    Yes a great movie with a very profound message to us all.

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    i didnt like the end when BP shot KS. Didnt end well for me im afriad. Not sure how it could have been done better though.

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    If Brad Pitt is in the movie, it can not be bad.
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    gr8 movie with an amazing performance form Kevin Spacey...

    David Fincher is an amzing director..

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    Se7en is very good. It's hard to find A decent thriller.
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    thisiswhoweare = The movie has the best ending, only with Fight Club second. In the movie, you already have 5 people dead, with 5 sins taken care of. But, remember when KS said that he envied BP? So, KS kills his wife, and that took care of the 6th sin (i worded that horribly) , and when BP shoots KS, when he realizes whats really in the box that takes care of the 7th sin, wrath. (i also worded that horribly as well...)
    But the whole thing though, is, when the 3 of them are riding in the car, near the end, and KS says that he is going to do something amazing, hes right. Insted of him killing two random people, or just killing BP, and the other guy (god i cant remember his name), the twist is that how KS said on the phone before that he envied BP, the whole thing of KS killing his wife, leads into BP killing KS, and in the end, you get KS killing one person, and BP killing the other. Now i know i cant explain this for SHIT, but if you watch the movie, it all comes out of nowhere, and just leaves you amazed.

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