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Thread: Good usenet software?

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    I was wondering if there was any more software, other than GrabIt, that would be useful?

    If there is something that would tell me whether there are enough par2 recovery blocks to repair incomplete files, before I start downloading, that would help.

    Something that automatically downloads TV shows would be helpful also. I looked and NZB-TV, but I don't have a NewzBin account.


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    Alt.Binz is a great newsreader. It has automatic checking, repairing and extracting. As for the TV shows I am not sure.

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    I'm not really sure how to use alt.binz

    I was used to how I could browse through the newsgroups I have in GrabIt, but I'm not really sure how to go through and find stuff in alt.binz.

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    alt.binz is designed more for downloading than general newsreading. That's why it has built in search functions that look for .nzb's for individual files.

    That makes it good for some binaries such as isos, mp3, avi, etc., but kind of harder for pictures since you don't care/know what their filename is only their description. In that case, a newsreader client like grabit would work better.

    That way you could pick a group and just look through the individual posts.
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    I just figured out RSS on SABnzbd+, and its pretty nice.

    What are some good RSS feeds for nzbs?

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    I use Newsleecher. It never gives me any problems, but I've never used any other (Windows) newsreader so I have no basis for comparison.

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    I used before Grabit, now I'm using newsleecher, seems good, you should give it a go and see what you think...


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    NZBPlayer is one software that everyone should try. It lets you stream divx movies and TV shows directly from Usenet. You can Watch the show as you download. NZBplayer can also be used as a general-purpose NZB downloader (for any type of file) and it will automatically unrar and par-check files. It's totally free.

    There is also a clone of NZBPlayer - Bintube Media Player - but it's not free.

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    Newzleech / Newsreactor for me !

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    I use Newsbin Pro. For some reason every other client I tried gave me lots of failed downloads.
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