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Thread: Help With Jedi Knght Ii Outcast

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    I need some help with installing Jedi Knight II. I spent about 22 hrs downloading a file - jediknight2 that had "Ages of Empires II" installation files. So I tried another source for the same name file but with a different file size, (179MB) I timed the download on this one to be 27hrs. When I extracted the files there is no installation file (.exe) there is an.ace file and various other files that don't seem to have any relation. I have a demo of the game and am familiar with the files involved. Do I need some program to open these files? I searched for Jedi Knight II outcast in verified dowloads and downloaded a file that said jediknight2.exe, I thought this was finally the right one, although the file size was 179MB, (spent 25 hours DL on this one, I have a modem hookup) it is the same as the second DL. There is another file posted as full version (255MB) Should I spend the time DLing this one? I estimate about 35 to 40 hours for this one. Downloading a .bin file or a .cue file would take forever. I'm new at this and need some guidance.

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    check the verifieds

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    If you still have the 179 mb, it is probably the rip. First you have to open the the .ace file with WINACE or WINRAR. After you extract those files, look for a file called setup.bat. Double click that and wait for it to extract everything. Then look for a jedi knight .exe file (it might have a logo related to the game) and open that to play.

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    Well i got this rip and i dont know if it is my computer or but every time i start the game play it and then quit and turn off the computer turn it back on and try to play it again it wont start.

    It could my my computer spces but think is this game worth it before you download it.
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