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Thread: FTS (Free The Scene) Is this tracker any good ?

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    One of my friends told me fts is open sign ups now, just wondering if any one that's a member of that site, could give me the goods and the bads about the site - I don't want to waste my time signing up if it isn't worth it. Thx in advance.

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    Just go there and see yourself. U will lose maybe 10 mins from your time, lol.
    We can't tell if this tracker is good enough for u caus everyone looks something different in trackers. One is looking for pre times but other is looking for friendly community.
    So go there and signup. U will waste more time to make this topick and read all posts...

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    Good point, but if I was to devote my time to the site, and upload etc, I wold like to know from users who have been members for a quite bit, if it's worth the uploading/seeding. I can't judge the site from the day I sign up, that's why I need information from people who are already members.

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    I've been a member for a while.
    It's a well designed site with a variety of content.
    It suffers from lack of active members though ,with very few people seeding torrents.
    Not the staffs fault ,they have made a quality site.It just hasn't caught on like they hoped.

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    Do they have an IRC channel, and if so, how's the community ?

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    hmm its ok, speeds arnt amazing, content is getting better but main problem is defo low seeds/ leeches so can be hard to get much on ur acc.


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