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Thread: Half Life/cs/... Any Hl Gam

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    I have a damn good pc (p 4 1 GB ram, geforce mx 5200 128 mb ddr)
    and the Half life runs slow.. i mean when in the menus, it's ok, but when starts the game.. is f*****g slow!! it is as it had lag,..,. i move the mouse and i have a 2 sec response--- the same with keyboard and everithing... any help?

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    play in 800x600

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    had to be in opengl mode.-

    Another thing is that when CS is loading a game.. the menu appears in the left corner... and when i switch between windows and the s, the sound is out when i come back...

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    u got a gforce fx 5200 rite? how is it? i might buy a comp with a gforce fx 5200 128mb. is it good? will it play Half Life 2, and Jedi Knight Jedi Academy? and maybe even doom 3?(at low configurations)


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