hi everyone,

i want to give away invites to bittalk tracker(tracker.bittalk.org). it is korean tracker for tv series and drama in us, england, japan, korea, sports (EPL, LFP, NBA, MLB, K-league, E-sports, UEFA, etc) and some other tv programs.

this tracker is currently in Korean + an option of English menu, so you can see English menu only... which means it might be hard for non-korean to explore this tracker..

this is pretty recent tracker with great forum as well (bittalk.org).

just show me 2 ratio and 1 speedtest with today's date!

ps) seriously, if you don't know anything about Korean, i don't think you can use tracker unless you have very good friends understanding korean or super good translator.

ps2) no trader, collector, tester. only people who need this! =)