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Thread: [REQ]ScT

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    If you are reading this , u are probably thinking "Lol , he will never get an invite". I'm thinking it too.But i believe that trading isn't the right way to get there (or to any other tracker).So I'm asking you , dear FST members, for an invite to ScT. I know its not impossible to get it.
    I don't have a seedbox or ultra-fast connection , i dont have money to donate , but im a good non-cheater-scammer-level hunter user.I'm looking for ScT a log time , around 4 months , most of my friends are member there , but nobody has invites.
    I don't have problems with ratio anywhere. Im a fanatic IRC-er , i love good communities.
    Some proofs
    <-- iTS , my favourite tracker
    <-- nCore
    Better proofs = PM.

    Speedtest(its not the bes connect , but with the freeleech on the packs i wont have a problem with ratio)

    So please , if you have an invite , write here or PM me.

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    good luck,mate,i am looking for this for a long time with no luck

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    You've got PM, topmen

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    Good luck mate.


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