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Thread: For all people who still dont have BCG

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    First hello to everyone who read this

    I see a lot of people who dont know how to signup or they are to slow

    And here is my little tutorial when you read them you have much more chance to signup on BCG

    Only what you must to have is Firefox and patience

    Advice for people who is still trying :

    1.Use Autoformer with him you will be much more faster
    2.Use Check4Change and set him to check registration link from main page on BCG ( ) click register button and select words Signup failed! than right click - Check4Change - Custom and set 2 sec

    When you see that is open than fill all fields ( reCAPTCHA with space ) and before click signup go in firefox on Edit - Autoformer - Save all fields and than try to signup

    If say that the site is full again set Check4Change again and when second time is open only go to Edit-Autoformer-Load fields and fast fill reCAPTCHA with space than signup and that is that

    Only be fast and pacient and dont use,hotmail and other free email-s

    ps. Sorry to all people for my bad english
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    Not another BCG thread.

    You could have posted this in any or all of the current threads at the end.

    And they are changing the refresh rate so loads of attempts (actual number unknown for obvious reasons), and every 2 secs is loads of attempts, you will get kicked for 24 hours, this is to prevent automated processes such as this.

    Yes Sir, I'm Right On It!!

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    U will fuck the server up dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtMajor View Post
    Not another BCG thread.
    This definitely won't be the last either.

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    What you people need is patience.

    It doesn't matter if you get to sign up this minute or days from now as long as you are able to get in. The games on there aren't going anywhere so theres no need to hammer the site. All good things come to those that wait. Atleast thats what I believe

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    I think if you wait a week or two it will be a lot easier to signup. Things are busy now because they just re-opened after being totally closed for months. When I signed up last year, it didn't take any special software hammering the server.

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    Thank you i am in

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    Im glad I got in a long time ago.

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    No offense to stoi and his work...he's a great guy..

    but why are you kids so hard bent to get BCG? Would you guys even care if it was a level 1 like Stoi wants it to be?

    I'd really like to know how many of you will actually use the tracker for what it's meant.
    Kindness goes a long way!

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    cool i'm trying to register !

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