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Thread: Nero 6.0 Ultra

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    Is it better than those others , ya know Nero5. , Who knows how many more nines they can add , but you know what i mean , right? is this version better than those? Im downloading it right now. But i dont wanna screw up my puter. I also downloaded Easy Dvd-Cd Creator .

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    It's much better. a lot less screwups.

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    But I am having a problem. 5.xx runs fine. but I get "the device is in use by another application" and nero won't even shut down. I cleaned out nero before installing. Put a new hard drive in- 6 works just fine. tryig to dind out what to do short of reformatting.

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    Which version of Nero 6 do you have.They are up to rev 6.0.11 or something along that line.I tried the first rev and the thing crashed all the time.I got rev 6.0.9 and it runs perfect.Tkaes a little getting used to because of the different look but it grows on ya.
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    can ne1 temme whts the difference between Nero 6 Ultra and Express

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    Express is included with Nero 6 Ultra Edition, it's Nero with a different interface, with the advanced features removed; everything is performed via wizards, it replaces the old ugly-looking wizard from Nero


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