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Thread: Best Video Converting Software

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    I need to clip a *vob file in the middle and i also need to convert it to *mvk

    i would like to know what is the best video converter out there that can i can get for "free"

    I hate having all these useless ones where i have to have 3 installed to get from one format to another.


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    Convert X to DVD is good but
    UMM let me think Magic Video Converter is also good.

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    Virtual Dub Mod will open a vob file, allow you to edit it and save the file as an mkv. Its not a s easy as all that but it will work and its free.

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    convetxtodvd very simple to use and converts and burns in decent time

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    Convert X is the best

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    The modded version of virtual dub will open and create both MKV and OGM files as well opening VOB's (opens but not creates vob's). Vob files are nothing but mpeg containers just as OGM and MKV are containers. Its called a modded version because instead of an Audio section (like the original V Dub) it has a Streams section that can contain several audio and sub files at the same time. For that reason you right click the audio or sub to bring up its menu unlike the original V Dub.

    Its handy for alot of other things too, you can load a vob file right from a dvd, and convert it to avi. Its cut editing is done from the bottom of the screen, all the buttons are explained if you hover the cursor. Mark in and Mark out to delete a section by selecting EDIT DELETE, and the color highlighted segment in the progress bar will be deleted. Its best to use the scene forward/backward or next/prev key frames to choose points to mark in and out to keep the structure of the video intact.

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    super will convert everything (vob and mkv) and is very free.


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