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Thread: I Have Seedbox

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    There seems to be a few people on here looking for seedbox access for trades (swedvdr and the like). I am just loking for an SCT invite (or acc) as this is a great tracker
    So here is my offer, you can use my seedbox for a certain number of days to boost your ratios in return for an SCT invite
    Either full access or webgui, it's up to you. The specs are:

    CPU VIA 2Ghz
    1024 MB RAM
    160 GB of hard drive (Altough some of this is used up)
    100Mbit/Sec unmetered bandwidth.
    Windows OS
    Access via Remote Desktop (Or webgui)

    PM me if interested

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    wowwww!!!! that's great!
    have fun with this! =]

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    Very good offer, anyone who has SCT can really make good use of seedbox. Imo in last 24 hours i have buffered my account upto 250gb thanks to freeleech packs.

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    I'm Fucking Lost
    Edit: its a windows box, forget my advice
    Go Leafs Go.


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