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Thread: Super Bass Tracks

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    gaz_k's Avatar Poster
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    Jul 2003
    Warrington, England
    Anyone know of any extremley bass heavy songs...

    it doesn't matter if it slow bass lines, big rumbles. or fast and punchy.. i love all bass

    i got quick a few tracks from jsut typin bass, sub woofe etc in to the search in kazaa..

    i was just wondering if poelpe knew of any tracks that could possibly really shake my house down, or cause car alarms to go off as i drive down the street.

    here are mymain speakers:
    4 x mission 755i

    2 x Bang and Olufson BeoLab 2 Sub's

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    ruff ryders - world war 3 featuring snoop dogg, yung won, jadakiss and scarface

    that track is one of the best bass tracks ever

    also, tupac - hail mary
    and tupac - die slow
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    gaz_k's Avatar Poster
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    Jul 2003
    Warrington, England
    cheers, will d/l them wen i finish work...

    any other huge bass anthmes anyone?

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    The Next Episode 2pac feat DMX, and download the whole album ALL EYEZ ON ME&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    Skillian's Avatar T H F C f a n BT Rep: +1
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    Dec 2002
    Roots Manuva - Witness
    Jurassic 5 - Whats Golden
    Big L - Deadly Combination Remix
    Dead Prez - Hip Hop

    If you don&#39;t mind drum n bass look for Arsonist, Super Sharp Shooter or Shy FX&#39;s Chopper remix

    edit: even if you don&#39;t really like drum n bass get Super Sharp Shooter - it will sound amazing with that speaker setup (which is very very nice by the way).

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    mogadishu's Avatar {}"_++()_><.,{}}[":+
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    Jun 2003
    signature removed, check the boardrules.

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    Check out


    It comes with a warning-ultra low bass could cause damage to your speakers. :microsmile:
    not a problem here.
    some of my favorite
    tracks are
    Time to jam

    Don&#39;t stop the music

    Techno bass beats


    I like the boom

    Should be able to find this on Kazaa
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    some tight bass
    daz dillinger - my system
    three 6 mafia - late night tip
    three 6 mafia - slob on my knob
    three 6 mafia - tear da club up (original version off Mystic Stylez)
    most shit by lil wyte

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    Jan 2003
    roni size - brown papper bag
    mr scruff - ug

    nearly any prodigy tune ever made.

    them mission 755i are not designed to take too much bass though. I was gonna by them by was told not to if i liked bass heavy tunes. Be careful with them or you will find yourself with blown speakers.

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    Any Lee "Scratch" Perry tune should give your bass a workout. After all, he IS the guy who invented the "dub" remix style....

    Or maybe try some Bill Laswell related stuff (Material, etc.) that should get some rattlin&#39; going on

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