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Thread: Better Graphics On A Notebook

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    I want to play newer games, problem is I have a notebook (clone type):

    1GHZ PIII Intel processor
    Trident Video Accelerator CyberBlade i1 AGP 5.8071.83 (8MB)
    256MB Ram
    30MB HHD
    Direct X 9
    Windows 2000

    Is there a way I can upgrade (hardware/software/plugins) to have better graphic performance? I do have Scitech GLDirect which seems to help a bit. Played GTAIII no probs but GTA VC have issues with time clock display and some lag.

    Hopefully someone can suggest something helpful, and no I can't buy a desktop machine, otherwise would you suggest any exciting games that will be cool to play with these specs?


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    Check out the parts they use on this Alienware Area-51m Gameing Notebook:

    TechTV said that was one of the best gameing notebooks out there right now, so the parts must be great.

    *edit*, contact the manufacturer about upgrades.. ushally u have to get them to install the new parts in notebooks.

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    ok, contacted manufacturer they say cant upgrade hardware, video card is on motherboard and motherboard cant be changed, blah blah,

    Looked at alienware, is awesome! wish I could buy but expensive for South Africa market esp with customs taxes (24% &#33

    are there any software solutions?


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