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Thread: Help Please

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    Hi all,

    Can you help with a problem I have, When I copy a film (yes a film...I'm British Dammit) the VCD plays in my dvd for so long,then the sound starts to stray from the film...can anybody tell me what the hell I'm doing wrong?

    My machine is pent 4..120gig..with 256 mem..

    I use Nero to copy..

    Any help.....


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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I dont like making vcd's of dl'ed films cause the audio never decompresses well.
    you could use vdub or a program like it to fix the problem but I'll let some one else explain exactly how cause the #$%^ might get complicated.I suggest checking out some of the more video related forums like

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    Why does this stuff keep ending up in the Lounge????

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    Probably because it says "You can discuss anything in here"

    Thanks for YOUR help!!!!!!


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