On the 20th of April we celebrate our second birthday, w000000000t.

So we plan quite a few nice surprises.

We will be giving 20gb to each member that has supported us over the last two years :-)

Then we will open our doors for one week.


All warnings will be removed in doing this I suggest anyone who has a warning now catches up on site seeding rules.

5 users chosen at random will have 1 month of no rules (seeding rules) and will be given vip status also for the same period.

Free leech will now run from now until the 20th of may 1 month on from our birthday.

Even more........

Our talented uploaders that do the famous Multis copied all over the web will be doing quite a few special ones. Some are on the tracker now, but others are pilling up for our birthday as a gift to you guys and gals.

We have also kept up our tradition of clearing requests quicker than you can believe and think we are in a position to fill virtually any request that's posted.

There will be chances to win gigs in quite a few different competitions as always, and also through our Hall of Fame win VIP status for limited times.

We have came up with a few clever ideas to help some of the more novice users and have cut our average response time for help to one minute.

There will also be even more surprises starting this week that will be posted in our VIP forums, and as mentioned before a VIP doesn't need to be a donator, just an important part of the community.

So if you're already there, thanks for the support over the last two years, and if your new come meet some of the friendliest, hard working staff on the web.

Thanks for reading this long post, there is a LOT more, but we are keeping that secret :-P