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Thread: utorrent 1.7.7 problems on Windows web 2003 server

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    I have a dedicated server that is running windows 2003 web edition. I also have utorrent 1.7.7 running on it as well. For the past week i have been uploading and downloading at about 10mb/s all day at the same time. Today something has changed. It seems now that i can only upload or download at that speed, not both at the same time. I can have uploads that have been going for awhile uploading at about 10mb/s and soon as i start a new download that will start d/l at 9 0r 10mb/s all my uploads stall to a crawl at about 100kb/s. As soon as i stop the download or it finishes, all the uploads resume at the speed they were uploading before. not sure what is causing this issue. There is no diskoverload errors anything of the sorts. Can anyonetell me what this could be.

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    What hosting company?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aether View Post
    What hosting company?
    Its OVH

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    Probably limited you to 100 mbps if its a new account?

    its the same with your home connection, cant seed at max and then download at max, well for me anyway


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