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Thread: What do you mean by "If you know how to search in e-mule...?"

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    Hi folks!!

    I've been going through the posts here for a while, and have noticed that many people keep saying that it's easy to find all the rare and obscure music (and other stuff) in e-mule, if only one knows "how to search". Well, this question goes out to them then. I use slsk extensively, and am just getting into e-mule (mostly to look for what i can't find in slsk; and for movies, of course), so some expert tips from the e-mule pros would be welcome!
    Are there any specific (and safe) servers that i just have to get on my list, or more specifically, are there any servers that are really good when it comes to rare and often old music, movies and documentaries (the stuff i'm usually looking for)? Also, if there are any special tricks, or search methods you can share, i'll be grateful.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello?! Don't tell me there's no onne in this forum who can help me...

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    well, how's that...i'm answering my own question...

    in case, you guys want to get a few pointers from the guys over at the emule project forum, go here

    i guess if you've been into the mule, you'll already know most of this stuff...

    if there's anything you can add to it, please do.



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