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Thread: Need a solution for this error

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    hi.....iam using windows xp pro,with sp2.when i switch on system while booting its go to checkdisk scan and after it finsh it will get reboot & same process gets repeat, i mean it again goes to check disk & give checking disk 1 of 3, disk type NTFS..., if i press any key it goes to desktop, other wise it gets rebooting every time. Is there any solution for this error,

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    Maybe something here ?

    Or try a program like Tuneup Utilities Disk Doctor .

    Another option to try is Hiren's Boot cd which has a hdd repair tool that does 'nt effect ntfs files it just repairs corrupt sectors . Just used it the other day on a friends computer that would 'nt boot .
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    Scandisk is only valid for Win9x and WinME, so you can ignore that as a possibility.

    It's possible that you've got a problem that chkdsk can't fix, or that it isn't trying to fix. If it is the latter, try forcing it to fix the errors by using the /F option.

    Try this initially on non-system drives, since they can be checked without rebooting the system. That is, if the System drive is C:, try running "CHKDSK D: /F" and "CHKDSK E: /F". It is probably best if you run these from the command prompt so that you can see the summary at the end. In each case you will be asked if you want to unmount the drive - say yes otherwise the command can't be executed.

    Finally, run the command "CHKDSK C: /F". You will get the warning that the command can't be run immediately, and asked if you want to run it at next reboot. Say yes, then reboot and allow the chkdsk to run through to completion. Hopefully this will fix any errors and you can then proceed normally.

    The other possibility I've just thought of is that you've got Norton Goback installed. If that's the case there is a good chance you are probably stuffed and will need completely wipe the disks and perform a complete re-installation. This is because CHKDSK is fixing the problem, and Goback is then restoring your disks to their corrupted state. I've seen this before and never managed to resolve the situation. Hope you've got plenty of spare disk space you can borrow to backup your files.
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    How bout booting into safe mode? If that works, I suggest setting chckdsk to find & fix all problems on reboot. That is the 5pt chkdsk vs the 3pt chkdsk difference & could end the problem. But all 5pts must be completed.

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    lynx has come up with quite nice way to fix it , but as a side note if it doesn't help , insert hiren boot cd , and go for paragon ( 3rd option in disk drives head ) .. there when it loads up ur all drives just start right clicking on each drive , and there must b an option " fix errors " or like , apply it on each drive .
    if in case these all methods dont work , back up all ur data to other hd , and perform low level format with any 3rd part soft , and re-make all ur partitions .
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    Peat moss & lynx suggestions are very useful for this error i think so try that

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    hey thanx my dear friends i tried is vry use full..thx a lot


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