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View Poll Results: FST users better than the average priv tracker user?

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  • Yes, They know how torrent works better, have good seeding habits and use what they have etc.

    21 21.65%
  • No, they leave countless acc's idle and often try to take advantage of any trackers they can.

    54 55.67%
  • They're about the same.

    22 22.68%
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Thread: Do you think the average FST user is a "better" torrenter than the average torrenter?

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    In this case better would mean, understanding exactly how torrent works, seeding to a 1:1 ratio, not .2:1 OR 1000:1, not being an acc's collecter and never leeching anything off the site etc..

    It also would mean not buffering 5tb's of an acc to have a 1000 ratio to use as a screen shot to get trackers in giveaway's.

    to quantify the "average" user, you would get

    1. The average connection speed of all fst's members
    2. The average age of all the users
    3. Average time of the average time user's leave the torrents seeding
    4. You would run an A-nova statistical test to check for general knowledge etc... Okay u get the point
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    I know all of the ones that are on my friends list are top torrenters.That always keep a 1/1 ratio(Usually more)and are all around nice people.But for the most part a lot of people are on this site just to get free invites which sucks.The only reason i joined was to get invites but i actually liked the community so i decided to make more of it then that.

    I can't even count the number of invites i have given away that were banned for being idle.Also i lost my invites on oink for inviting a cheater.For the most part they just think they need something and don't use it which sucks.People need to start researching sites before they ask for an invite!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deuce6000 View Post
    People need to start researching sites before they ask for an invite!
    Well said.

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    I believe so, afterall even sysops hang out in FST and not only to bust scammers, mainly to prospect the market, i believe!

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    No, not a better torrenter, just a wiser, street smart torrenter, which overall is not a good thing as it brings with it the inherent dangers of traders, cheaters & scammers.

    Tracker owners & their staff would much rather the Invite Section (& maybe the BT section perhaps?) at FST did not exist at all, then it would be a nicer, quieter life for all and the torrenters could be educated to the trackers standards rather than to FSTs standards, which are fundamentally different whilst aiming for the same thing - just get some files.
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    i would rather have my tracker full of noobs who respect the rules and are proud to be a member than a bunch of experienced fst traders.

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    Given the jaw-dropping number of new threads in the trading forum every day (like 5-8 pages some days) and plus the fact that the trade forum sees more activity than the BT forum...I'd have to say no. My answer would be yes if it was just peeps with ~80% posts in BT section.
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    average torrenter? it's such a vague word. In theory it's an average of MILLIONS of torrenters. When i dunno even a fraction of 'em, wouldn't judging all torrenters be a prejudge? Same thing could be said about FST.

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    Yes, since most of the users on FST are already familiar with bits of torrenting and have learnt alot from other users and the guides here. I myself didnt know about partial seeding so always had difficulty maintaining decent ratio at sites like bitmetv but not anymore.

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    I found this site googleing for how to do something and have enjoyed the tutorials and would love to know enough to write one someday. I am interested in learning about other sites as there are so many now and they are so specialized in there content. I have enjoyed the site for these sections. The invite section I thought was going to be great as I have been with several sites for a long time and rarely find someone to give invites. Unfortunately it is so savage in the invite section I have not been brave enough to even offer. I read it and hope that I will learn a way to survive there but the rep system seems not to be helpful in the selection process and so many using ratio proof that are not real or theirs. Then the trader are so aggressive that they want this invite to sell, trade or buy their lunch that it is scary. So no, I don't think that being a member here makes some one a better member of any community, I think that some here are good members of other communities but I don't think I will see too many in the invite section here.
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